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Real Estate Professionals

              Offering property management to your clients is easy to do by teaming up with us!            

              Receive residual income by adding property management to your list of services!             

*We give you the infrastructure to offer property management services to your network of clients

*You handle the relationship management with the owners and help coordinate maintenance and we handle the rest

 *We'll do all rent collection, bookkeeping, accounting, maintenance requests and more!

*You keep 100% of all the leasing fees

Our Software

Tenants and owners all have their own portals.


*Tenants can download an app or use a computer to login from anywhere to pay rent, check their balance, find payment history and even submit a request for a repair. 

*Owners can login and view monthly statements, view leases and more

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Our bookkeepers and accountants will be able to manage and pay all the accounts payable, receivable, utility bills, mortgage and property taxes