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NY Real Estate Investing, Locations - Part 1 - Dutchess County

Mid-Hudson bridge seen from the City Of Poughkeepsie
City Of Poughkeepsie Property Management

Integrity Property Management has been growing all over the map. We started out in NY and now branched out into multiple states! We've created a network of proffesional agents, contractors, handymen, attorneys and more to offer our services across the country.

But New York is where our history of Property Management began. The Hudson Valley offered property owners & renters alike a wonderful mix of high quality housing with sold rental rates. With the Hudson Valley consisting of almost a dozen counties ranging from just above NYC, reaching right up to the mountains in Central NY, we've gained experience & resources for a wide variety of housing styles. In this series of blogs, we'll be listing some of these areas along with our thoughts of owning rentals & investment properties there.


Dutchess County is one of our higest volume areas of Property Management Clients. Dutchess is a beautiful area with cities and suburbs offering living conditions ranging from rustic housing to busy villages with tall buildings & public transportation. Dutchess County is a special location with it being the furthest north from NYC while still having trains stations with a direct express line to Grand Cental.

Poughkeepsie, NY is a large city that that offers one of the largest rental markets in the Hudson Valley. We manage a large number of properties in Poughkeepise with a long history of success. Even with the currently high property prices found all over, we're still able to successfully manage these locations with keeping low vacancy rates, short turnovers and professional services thats turning consistent profits for our clients. Poughkeepsie offers a mix single & multi-family, even the harder to find 5+ unit buildings.

Beacon, NY over the last 5+ years has become a real estate beast of it's own. We've seen property valves quadruple or more, especially closer to the city area. Beacon has taken on a NYC vibe with a heavy focus on art. The train station and quick NYC access is the major cause of this big change. Rental rates overall have followed suite with these soaring property values, but those in the best shape were owners before 2015-ish so accidental landlords and re-locating homeowners are seeing the largest rewards! It may be a hard market to break into but if the budget allows, there's opportuninty to do very well here.

Wappingers Falls, NY is situated south of Poughkeepsie City. Wappingers Falls is comprised mostly of semi-rural neighborhoods but also contains a small city center, the Village of Wappingers Falls. Our property owners here mainly consist of single and two-family dwellings but still find profitable margins. Although the Village of Wappingers is small, it still provides close proximity to quality shopping, groceries and entertainment along with public transportation. Wappingers also has a train station that goes straight to Grand Central so we have found a great deal of NYC workers and transplants enjoy the quiet and even luxury neighborhoods found throughout this town.

Millbrook, NY is an area similar to Wappingers in that it has both a rural township and also a quaint little village. Millbrook is considered to be more upscale but it still offers some multi-family rental opportunities along with lots of single-family's as well. Taxes and property values seem to be a bit higher here, but we've found there's an increased rental value compared to the surrounding areas. Our Millbrook property management customers overall find great success.

Hyde Park, Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, Pawling, Pleasant Valley, Red Hook, & Rhinebeck. These towns are all grouped together because as beautiful as they all are, they are more rural and find less rental opportunities then the others listed above. Although we manage properties in all of these locations and even more not listed, these areas aren't considered great rental locations. Most of the property owners here are former homeowners or accidental landlords.

These are all wonderful communities and if you find yourself looking for a property manager to keep your asset profitable, Integrity Property Management can help you get there!


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