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Property Management

Management With INTEGRITY

Are you ready for a better experience?

See how our total transparency policy is right for your property.

The INTEGRITY Guarantee / Free Trial

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days of

retaining our company,

there is no obligation to continue.

We are the 10% OWNER directed management firm.

lead certified
Insured licensed bonded
Equal housing
Support Veterans


Assess the property and decide on an accurate rental rate
•    Perform detailed documentation of the interior and exterior.

Market the property for rent
•    Property is marketed on 46 popular websites to guarantee market exposure.    
•    We collect rental applications from applicants.  

Tenant Screening and Selection
•    Background checks are performed to verify identity, income, credit history, rental / eviction history, 
criminal history, social media and more.
•    Pre-approved applicants are presented to the owner to make the final selection based on our recommendations.  ​

Tenant Move in
•    Leasing agreement provided & Renters Insurance policy secured. 
•    Review and execute rental agreements.
•    Document condition with Move in/move out inspection.

Rent collection / Payments
•    Payments are made directly from the tenant’s bank to the owners account via direct deposit ACH.

•    Make payments on behalf of the owner - utilities, mortgage, HOA dues, insurance, etc.
•    Provide accounting of property management services.
•    Maintain all historical records - warranties, inspection reports, leases, paid invoices, etc.
•    Detailed documentation of expenses via receipts and invoices.
•    Provide annual reporting, structured for tax purposes as well as required tax documents including a 1099.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling
•    Coordinate and oversee maintenance crews.
•    Establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with current & future repair needs.
•    Provide a network of licensed, bonded and fully insured vetted contractors.
•    Maintain and monitor a 24-hour emergency phone line.
•    Maintain outdoor areas - Removing trash and debris - Snow removal - Landscaping.  

•    Perform periodic / scheduled inspections looking for repair needs, safety hazards, violations, etc.
•    Send owner reports on the condition of the property.

•    Coordinate Attorneys, Notices, Process servers.

Tenant Move Out  
•    Inspect unit, fill out property report to document condition changes.



    We will send you forms via DocuSign to fill and return  
•    Operating Agreement
•    Property Intake Form 
•    W -9 Tax ID Certification   
•    Bank Authorization for ACH Direct Deposit 
   Docs to Send to Tenants
•    Welcome Letter 

                          What’s Next
Bank Accounts
•    We will ACH two bank deposits under $1.00 
Please let us know the amounts to confirm the accounts are linked. 
•    Fund property reserve – Owner chooses how much Integrity holds for expenses.
Bill pay 
•    Owner selects what bills we will pay out on their behalf. (Mortgage, taxes, utilities, HOA dues etc.) 
Property Inspection
•    We will perform a diligent property inspection to locate the utilities, (Furnace/ boiler, electric meter & panel box, gas meter/ oil / propane tank)
•    Add a lockbox in a discrete location for easy access. 
•    We will also make note of the property conditions and make recommendations for care and upkeep. 
Assign Vendors
•    We will provide quotes for lawn, snow, and maintenance teams to serve the property. 
100% owner directed - We work with any vendor you choose.
•    We will perform a thorough rental analysis of the property to make sure it rents at market rate. 
•    We screen applications and present pre-approved applicants for the owner to have final approval.
•    Tenant pays first month’s rent & Security; we exchange keys & do a move in/ move out report to file 
until they move out. 
Maintenance requests 
•    Tenants make maintenance requests via their web / app portal with pictures and details. 
•    We assess the legitimacy of the request and present owner estimates to approve.
•    Maintenance is performed only after owner approves the work. 

                        Simple Pricing

Leasing Fee & Vendor costs are extended to owner at cost – No Mark-up                           
Services Included in Management fee

•    Rent Collection                                            •    Maintenance coordination
•    Periodic property inspections                   •    Accounting / Bill Pay
•    Lease renewals                                             •    Rent increases
•    DSS re-certifications                                   •    Landlord / Tenant communications
•    24/7 Emergency call center 

Accounting & Tools

As an alternative to full service management, we also offer management tools for property owners who self manage to help streamline their operations.

view reports from anywhere

Choose the management solution

that's right for you. ​

•    Rent collection w/ auto late fee posting                         •    Lease management
•    Free lease renewals                                                            •    Free rent increases           

•    Direct Deposit                                                                     •    Accounts payable / vendor bill pay
•    2x Monthly owner statements                                         •    2x Monthly delinquency report
•    2x Monthly rent roll report                                              •    Accounting w/ detailed attached invoices
•    24/7 emergency line                                                           •    Owner portal to keep important docs
•    Tenant Portal to track leases,
rent history & maintenance

Maintain flexibility as you use and build your local team
Maintenance requests forwarded to owner/agent

Full Service

On-site manager provided,

periodic property inspections,

lease management and more. 

Moble friendly management

Includes everything above plus

•    We manage the maintenance portion of the property
•    Routine property Inspections

•    Dedicated maintenance coordinator provided

•    Estimates provided prior to starting work
•    Obtain owner approval for each service call
•    Contractor scheduling and coordination
•    Follow up to close out work orders

We offer responsive, innovative, and customized services to our clients and their tenants at a deeply discounted rate. 

We guarantee that the value of our services will far exceed the cost of the management package you choose. 

Helpful Onboarding Checklist

Property                                                                             Onboarding Setup
 Proof of ownership                                                     Operating agreement
 Mortgage Info                                                              Intake Form
 Insurance carrier info                                                W-9 
                                                                                           Bank Authorization form 
 Voided check                                                              Tenants (if rented) 
 List of Accounts Receivable                                      Leases
 List of Accounts Payable                                           Delinquencies

Maintenance (we can assign vendors if do not have any) 
 Approved vendor list with contact info
 Approved lawn and snow vendors

HOA’s (if in an HOA) 
 Copy of Rules & Regulations
 Copy of By-Laws
 Closing packet

Set up Now
 Call, text or email now to get set up today 845.512.7368  

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