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Management With INTEGRITY

Are you ready for a better experience?

See how our total transparency policy is right for your property.

The INTEGRITY Guarantee / Free Trial

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days of

retaining our company,

there is no obligation to continue.

We are the 10% OWNER directed management firm.



Assess the property and decide on an accurate rental rate
•    Perform detailed documentation of the interior and exterior.

Market the property for rent
•    Property is marketed on 46 popular websites to guarantee market exposure.    
•    We collect rental applications from applicants.  

Tenant Screening and Selection
•    Background checks are performed to verify identity, income, credit history, rental / eviction history, 
criminal history, social media and more.
•    Pre-approved applicants are presented to the owner to make the final selection based on our recommendations.  ​

Tenant Move in
•    Leasing agreement provided & Renters Insurance policy secured. 
•    Review and execute rental agreements.
•    Document condition with Move in/move out inspection.

Rent collection / Payments
•    Payments are made directly from the tenant’s bank to the owners account via direct deposit ACH.

•    Make payments on behalf of the owner - utilities, mortgage, HOA dues, insurance, etc.
•    Provide accounting of property management services.
•    Maintain all historical records - warranties, inspection reports, leases, paid invoices, etc.
•    Detailed documentation of expenses via receipts and invoices.
•    Provide annual reporting, structured for tax purposes as well as required tax documents including a 1099.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling
•    Coordinate and oversee maintenance crews.
•    Establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with current & future repair needs.
•    Provide a network of licensed, bonded and fully insured vetted contractors.
•    Maintain and monitor a 24-hour emergency phone line.
•    Maintain outdoor areas - Removing trash and debris - Snow removal - Landscaping.  

•    Perform periodic / scheduled inspections looking for repair needs, safety hazards, violations, etc.
•    Send owner reports on the condition of the property.

•    Coordinate Attorneys, Notices, Process servers.

Tenant Move Out  
•    Inspect unit, fill out property report to document condition changes.



    We will send you forms via DocuSign to fill and return  
•    Operating Agreement
•    Property Intake Form 
•    W -9 Tax ID Certification   
•    Bank Authorization for ACH Direct Deposit 
   Docs to Send to Tenants
•    Welcome Letter 

                          What’s Next
Bank Accounts
•    We will ACH two bank deposits under $1.00 
Please let us know the amounts to confirm the accounts are linked. 
•    Fund property reserve – Owner chooses how much Integrity holds for expenses.
Bill pay 
•    Owner selects what bills we will pay out on their behalf. (Mortgage, taxes, utilities, HOA dues etc.) 
Property Inspection
•    We will perform a diligent property inspection to locate the utilities, (Furnace/ boiler, electric meter & panel box, gas meter/ oil / propane tank)
•    Add a lockbox in a discrete location for easy access. 
•    We will also make note of the property conditions and make recommendations for care and upkeep. 
Assign Vendors
•    We will provide quotes for lawn, snow, and maintenance teams to serve the property. 
100% owner directed - We work with any vendor you choose.
•    We will perform a thorough rental analysis of the property to make sure it rents at market rate. 
•    We screen applications and present pre-approved applicants for the owner to have final approval.
•    Tenant pays first month’s rent & Security; we exchange keys & do a move in/ move out report to file 
until they move out. 
Maintenance requests 
•    Tenants make maintenance requests via their web / app portal with pictures and details. 
•    We assess the legitimacy of the request and present owner estimates to approve.
•    Maintenance is performed only after owner approves the work. 

                        Simple Pricing

Leasing Fee & Vendor costs are extended to owner at cost – No Mark-up                           
Services Included in Management fee

•    Rent Collection                                            •    Maintenance coordination
•    Periodic property inspections                   •    Accounting / Bill Pay
•    Lease renewals                                             •    Rent increases
•    DSS re-certifications                                   •    Landlord / Tenant communications
•    24/7 Emergency call center 

Accounting & Tools

As an alternative to full service management, we also offer management tools for property owners who self manage to help streamline their operations.

Designing on a Tablet

Choose the management solution

that's right for you. ​

•    Rent collection w/ auto late fee posting                         •    Lease management
•    Free lease renewals                                                            •    Free rent increases           

•    Direct Deposit                                                                     •    Accounts payable / vendor bill pay
•    2x Monthly owner statements                                         •    2x Monthly delinquency report
•    2x Monthly rent roll report                                              •    Accounting w/ detailed attached invoices
•    24/7 emergency line                                                           •    Owner portal to keep important docs
•    Tenant Portal to track leases,
rent history & maintenance

Maintain flexibility as you use and build your local team
Maintenance requests forwarded to owner/agent

Full Service

On-site manager provided,

periodic property inspections,

lease management and more. 

Holding Tablet Computer

Includes everything above plus

•    We manage the maintenance portion of the property
•    Routine property Inspections

•    Dedicated maintenance coordinator provided

•    Estimates provided prior to starting work
•    Obtain owner approval for each service call
•    Contractor scheduling and coordination
•    Follow up to close out work orders

We offer responsive, innovative, and customized services to our clients and their tenants at a deeply discounted rate. 

We guarantee that the value of our services will far exceed the cost of the management package you choose. 

Helpful Onboarding Checklist

Property                                                                             Onboarding Setup
 Proof of ownership                                                     Operating agreement
 Mortgage Info                                                              Intake Form
 Insurance carrier info                                                W-9 
                                                                                           Bank Authorization form 
 Voided check                                                              Tenants (if rented) 
 List of Accounts Receivable                                      Leases
 List of Accounts Payable                                           Delinquencies

Maintenance (we can assign vendors if do not have any) 
 Approved vendor list with contact info
 Approved lawn and snow vendors

HOA’s (if in an HOA) 
 Copy of Rules & Regulations
 Copy of By-Laws
 Closing packet

Set up Now
 Call, text or email now to get set up today 845.512.7368  

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