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The Value of Inspections

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We want to discuss the importance of annual inspections for your residence or place of business.

When restoring the roofing on various structures, one major factor is the amount of damage that has gone unseen by the property owner.

So, to avoid the costs and headache of getting a replacement roof sooner than expected, ask our team to come down for an inspection.

We are happy to visit you and give your roof an annual review. Call our offices for more details.

Will my entire roof be replaced, or can portions be repaired?

Depending upon the situation, we recommend repairing only a section of the roof to allow the home or business owner to weather the storm.

In other cases, a full replacement may not be necessary, so our experienced team may determine that minor repairs are needed.

Our policy has long been to only perform the work according to the client’s needs. Wind and rain can create hidden patches of damage that open at the worst times.

During those moments, we are ready to respond and take care of the issue with all due speed. With all of these things stated, we must urge home and business owners to understand that the safety and integrity of the structure are urgent priorities.

Therefore, when assessing if a replacement roof is needed, we may decide to go forward with the full job due to the poor integrity of the old roofing.

So, while we’ll always try to save money for our clients, we will never do a job halfway.

How long will it take to replace the roof on my home?

If the situation is urgent, we can recommend vendors to provide replacement services on roofing structures within less than a week.

However, our team can offer urgent repairs to stop leaks that may damage your home within one business day or less. Although we’d like to say that a replacement roof is a one-size-fits-all problem, the square footage of the building, difficulty in removing old construction materials, and the shape of the upper structure all play a role in whether we can deliver rapid results.

Please call for a consultation to get more detailed information.

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